Bisipics are busy Pics – full of wit and fantastical imagination. Everyday situations meet exciting and vibrant worlds. Bizarre images reflect the comical chaos of life.
Each situation also contains a challenge: there are things you can search for in the picture.

The searching makes Bisipics a longer term quest for fun.
Bisipics provide distraction where it’s needed:
In waitingrooms, or above a dentist’s chair.
But also in places you look for entertainment at home: the nursery, kitchen, rec room or kindergarten.

Try a bit BISIMANIA: Bisibits

Collage Bisipics als Wartezimmerbild

Bisipics themes span volumes of content.
Each pic is packed with funny and fantastical situations, surrounded by a searchbar from which you choose over 90 items to look for in the picture.

In addition to being decorative art, Bisipics brings a higher level of challeng to this new hobby.

Bisipics keeps the viewer’s attention for hours.
You will not be able to solve all the puzzles in one visit alone – unless you cheat!

Not only are observers drawn by the challenge, Bisipics present as great conversation pieces. This results in not only welcome distraction, but also relaxation at particularly stressed times.

Vorschauanimation Manna

Bisipics Buntland is a classic mural.
It fits into an ordinary picture frame and can be used in a waiting room, a store, public institutions or at home.

Bisipics Wimmelhimmel is the heavenly version, which can be affixed to the ceiling to appear above a patient. It does not require a frame as it is fixed on AluDibond/Alucore/Alucobond.

Bisipics Spezial is your personalized version.
Send your photos, your logo etc. and the artist can place them perfectly in the picture. We will do it to your specifications: as a caricature or collage. Just let us know how you’d like it.

  • The Bisipic feedback from patients and my team is fantastic.
    Dr. Reinhold S. Meyer, Düsseldorf, Germany

  • Comical, lovely. Best for hours!
    Tanja Faulstich, Deutsch-Französischer Kindergarten, Köln, Germany

  • Bisipics provide enormous relief at work, with noticeable relaxation to my patients.
    Dr. Reinhold S. Meyer, Düsseldorf, Germany

Collage Bisipics als Wartezimmerbild

You can order Bisipics in different Versions.

>>> Poster Printing 70 x 100cm
(frame youself > standard)

Personalized version
With extra charge on application


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Thumbnail Motiv Buca